How to Choose a Red Lipstick That Goes With Your Skin Undertone?

How to Choose a Red Lipstick That Goes With Your Skin Undertone?

Red lipstick is a Timeless Classic.

The first red lipstick dates back to around 3,500 B.C.E. in the Sumerian region of southern Mesopotamia. Crimson rocks, a sort of gemstone, were crushed into a powder there to colour the lips red. People used to apply lip colour daily during Roman times. Back in the day, lipstick shades do not limit to red, but a bold red lipstick is the only timeless classic that would never get outdated.

There are certain red lipstick shades and formulations that have become so iconic, you might be able to name them by name in the long history of the powerful color. These timeless red shades deserve to be swiped on again and again.

Our readers frequently inquire about how to choose a red lipstick that looks nice on them. We collaborated with our beauty artist to find the best red lipstick hues for your skin tone, as well as the best products.


When it comes to choosing red lipsticks, why is it so vital to know our skin's undertones?


When choosing a lipstick, consider your skin undertone to make the process easier. It's typical to fall in love with a colour at the beauty counter only to be disappointed when you try it on at home. That's because many of us don't consider our skin's undertones when choosing a lipstick hue.

Your skin's undertone depends on the natural colours beneath your skin's surface. Understanding your skin's undertone is essential for selecting the best-looking lipstick shade that goes well with your skin. We worked with our makeup artist to determine the red lipstick colors that would flatter your skin tone, as well as recommend the best products.

Figure out your skin's undertone.


When choosing the right red lipstick, you need to choose one that complements the undertones of your skin. While skin tone is determined by the melanin in the skin, undertones are determined by the colors within your skin tone.

According to our makeup artist, it is essential to understand your skin undertone before choosing a red lipstick shade. You may figure out your skin's undertone by seeing if you get sunburned or tanned after a sunbath. Your skin is most likely cool if you get a sunburn, whereas you are most likely warm. Another way to find out your skin undertone is to check your veins. A green vein indicates a warm undertone. A blue or purple vein indicates a cool undertone.

Once you've determined your undertone, you can begin looking for the red lip that best complements your complexion.

How to choose a red lipstick that goes with your skin undertone?


Those with warm undertones will look their best in peachy reds. Those with cool undertones will be most flattering by blue-based reds.


How can I know whether a red colour has a cool or warm undertone?


Apply a small amount of red lipstick to a piece of white paper to see if it has a cool or warm undertone. If it appears pinkish, it's most likely a cool color. Otherwise, if it appears golden or orange, it is most likely a warm color.


The expert's picks.


We've put together a list of red lipstick shades that will help you stand out at your next holiday party.

Warm undertones will look great with the Bomb Creamy Lip Gloss.

Warm undertones will look great with the Fruit Creamy Lip Gloss

Cool undertones will look great with the Mauve Creamy Lip Gloss.

Cool undertones will look great with the Glow Creamy Lip Gloss.


What if I have a neutral undertone?

Anyone with neutral undertones, on the other hand, gets the best of both worlds, so both peachy and blue-based reds will look great on them. Whether you have a warm or cool skin undertone, when it comes to selecting red lipstick colours, don't forget to consider your preferences.