How to pick the prettiest red lipstick for your skin tone. Red lipsticks for warm skin tones and cool skin tones

How to Pick the Red Lipstick for your Skin Tone

Everyone looks good in red lipstick. Choosing the right shade for your skin tone doesn't have to be difficult. Here, we've compiled a list of the best red lipsticks for each skin tone.

Understanding your skin tone is essential to finding your most flattering shade of red lipstick. If your veins appear to be green, you have a warm undertone. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If you have warm undertones, you will be most flattered by reds that are more peachy. If you have cool undertones, you will be most flattered by blue-based reds.

Here, we have a list of recommended shades of red lipstick that will help you stand out at your upcoming holiday party.

These colours will go well with your cool skin undertones: Mauve, Glow and Cookie:





You will find these colours look good on your warm skin undertones: Waffles, Fruit and Bomb




Discover the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone.